About Us

Come Join Us for 34 Days of Peace in Salem Area

September 21 – October 24, 2014

The Salem Area Peace Network (SAPN.org) is pleased to invite you to our upcoming events. The goal is to help people become more conscious of Peace, and pursue it in their daily life. To support justice, and respect for the rights of others; To celebrate Salem area’s ethnic and cultural diversity; To encourage respect for all life and conservation of natural resources; and To uphold nonviolence, Peaceful coexistence, and harmony.

The events will start with a Salem Area Peace Festival, at Lancaster Mall, on September 21, 2014, the International Day of Peace, and end with an event at the Salem Peace Plaza, on October 24, 2014, the United Nations Day.

Salem Area Peace Network (SAPN) is a resource to promote a culture of Peace in Salem and neighboring communities.

For this purpose we plan to -

  1. Identify individuals and groups in Salem Area, who are currently working for Peace;
  2. Help support and publicize their work via a website with links to all of them and their work;
  3. To identify existing gaps, if any, and help develop ways to fill them.

  • Peace Pole and Eco Globe

    Peace Pole and Eco Globe in Salem Oregon

  • YMCA Peace Mural

    YMCA Peace Mural in Salem Oregon

  • Peace Plaza

    Peace Plaza in Salem Oregon

  • Peace Plaza Flags

    Peace Plaza Flags in Salem Oregon

  • Peace Mural

    Peace Mural in Salem Oregon

  • Eco Globe

    Eco Globe in Salem Oregon

  • Peace Wall

    Peace Wall in Salem Oregon

Click the photo above to see Peace Landmarks in Salem Oregon

Our Vision

Salem Area Peace Network (SAPN) envisions Salem, Oregon and the neighboring communities as a region of Peace and harmony, where –

• The religions of all people are respected, including their holy books, places of worship and founders;

• Cultural diversity is celebrated, and people live in Peace and harmony;

• All people, regardless of their race, color, age, creed, class, gender, sexual orientation, and country of origin, are respected, have equal rights and opportunities;

• There is no violence and all disagreements and disputes are resolved through peaceful means; and

• People and governments engage in practices which protect species and habitats and conserve natural resources.

We have defined Peace as:

“PEACE is a dynamic and multidimensional process of relating within and among individuals, groups and nations, and with the environment. It includes Personal Peace, Interpersonal Peace, International Peace and Universal Peace. It is characterized by inclusiveness, compassion, empathy, nonviolence, justice and respect for the rights of others. Optimistic and dedicated individuals pursue it for the optimal benefit of all concerned.” It includes Personal Peace, Interpersonal Peace, International Peace and Universal Peace. Personal Peace is a sense of well-being that one experiences when one is in good physical and psychological health; feels comfortable with oneself; practices nonviolence toward oneself; and accepts and appreciates the moment as it is. Interpersonal Peace involves acceptance of differences and diversity among people; resolving disagreements and conflicts nonviolently, with dialog and discussion; relating to others with compassion, empathy and a sense of justice; living with them harmoniously; and being a good member of one’s family and neighborhood and a good citizen of one’s motherland and the global village. International Peace results from cooperative relations between nations: acceptance of each nation’s uniqueness; and resolution of disagreement and conflicts nonviolently, through negotiation and accepted international organizations and processes. Universal Peace is a consequence of eco-friendly practices in daily life; use of natural resources in a sustainable manner; and respect for all animal and plant life.

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